ClearZal Silk Tea Tree Foot Soak (215g)

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ClearZal Silk Tea Tree Foot Soak


Tea Tree Foot Soak

ClearZal® SILK Tea Tree Foot Soak is a therapeutic foot soak that uses a blend of Benzalkonium Chloride, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus to refresh and soften the skin. It is a concentrated foot soak designed to cleanse, soften and condition feet eliminating the germs that may cause foot and nail infections. This is a therapeutic, non-foaming foot soak that can be used as a soak or in a hydrotherapy or “jetted” foot bath. Blended with a wide range of natural ingredients, including: Tee Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Dead Seas Salts providing an aromatherapy sensation – to provide your feet with instant relief. The Foot Soak is designed to be used weekly, or as and when required. Each pot will last 7-8 foot baths, giving your feet long lasting relief! Use a moisturising foot crème such as ClearZal® Foot Food after usage and on a regular basis to ensure the best results are achieved and maintained.