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Kill 99.9% of fungus of ALL fungus,

bacteria and viruses, which cause nail infections. 

The ONLY broad spectrum antimicrobial nail solution.
Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride.

Active antimicrobial ingredient fast acting biocide.
Twice daily application, 30ml per bottle.
Can be used with nail varnish, false nails and on all nails stimultaneously.
Not a pen, in a bottle will not dry out.
Premium glass nail file included in every pack.
For regular use to prevent infection occurring.

The clear solution for healthy nails. 


Did you know? Only 50% of nail infections are caused by fungus as
the other 50% are caused by bacteria and viruses. This means, an
antifungal solution alone can be 50% ineffective

Only   ClearZALL


Also available...

ClearZal Complete Foot and Nail System

• Kills 99.9% of nail/foot fungus, bacteria and viruses.
• Pack contains ClearZal BAC (30ml) and ClearZal Foot Sanitiser (116ml).
• Keep nails and feet healthy.
• Kills germs which cause nail infection and athletes foot.
• Premium glass nail file.
• Formulated in Tea Tree Oil as a natural antiseptic.
• Controls foot odour.
• Can be sprayed on socks and in shoes to disinfect.

RRP £29.99
Our Price

The complete solution to healthy feet and nails.


Topical Solution with
Proven Results

The Journal of Podiatric Medicine Association (JAPMA) Study indicates that BAC antimicrobial active with a surfactant delivery system in a twice-daily regimen is a clinically-effective therapy for a wide variety of microbial pathogens effecting the health and condition of human nails.



Receive a FREE Foot File
(worth £9.99)
with every purchase
of ClearZal®.



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